How The Public Wants King Charles To Honor Princess Anne’s Dedication To Their Mother

In a poll by the Express, 98% of readers said Anne, Princess Royal, should be given a «special honor» by King Charles III. British journalist Alastair Stewart said Sophie, Countess of Wessex, should also receive an honor, highlighting her and Anne’s «love, constancy, and support at this difficult [time]» (via Twitter).

One Express reader suggested in the comments that Anne should «be made a Counsellor of the Realm.» However, some said she may not even accept an honor or new title if it were bestowed upon her. «Princess Anne should be given every honor available, but she won’t accept, she’s not like that,» one wrote. A former royal aide told The Telegraph that they didn’t «think there will be any change in her status or titles and she’s never indicated that she wants to slow down.»

While it remains to be seen whether Charles will give Anne a new honor or title, the royal family continues to grieve the loss of a mother and monarch.

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