I frankly liked Mr Modi before I met Mr Modi because..: S Jaishankar on PM Modi | Watch Video

External Affairs minister S Jaishankar in New York praised the leadership skills of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The External Affairs minister was speaking at an event to discuss the book [email protected]: Dreams Meet Delivery.

The external affairs minister also recalled his first meeting with the prime minister. «I frankly liked Mr Modi before I met Mr Modi. I am on some levels, as many would complain, a micromanager. I can be quiet a pain. But the level of preparation he had done was commendable,» Jaishankar said.

The EAM also pointed out that PM Modi «starts his day at 7:30 am… and carries on, and does not drop, while others might.»


To a suggestion that Modi brought about that change, Jaishankar said that “I would actually say Modi himself is a product of that change. The fact that someone like him eventually has become the prime minister of India itself shows how much the country has changed.»

Jaishankar said that he reads debates about how democracy is doing around the world and different people give labels to countries of their choice.

He said that in India the number of people who go to vote is continuously rising, and the number of women voting is rising even faster.

«Look at the integrity of the democratic processes. The fact that it’s a country where elections are respected. People win, people lose, nobody challenges the process,» he said amid laughter from the audience as he added that he is speaking only about India and they should not read anything more into it.

“My point is I think we have a great deal to be proud of. Now, the results we throw up may not suit everybody. So there would be people who as part of politics will give it a twist and call it things. But I really think when you go around the world, and I do sometimes get these debates in other societies ‘So are you optimistic about your politics? So where do you think your society is going?’ I think Indians are optimistic, and frankly, have a very good reason to be optimistic,» Jaishankar added.


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