Ivanka Trump’s Stance On Joining Her Dad’s Presidential Campaign Couldn’t Be More Clear

As if Ivanka Trump’s travel plans didn’t already speak volumes, she recently spoke to Fox News Digital about her intentions regarding Donald Trump’s newest presidential bid. «I love my father very much. This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family,» she said. The Kushner family now makes their home in southern Florida, where their outings to wildlife parks and ice cream shops are a far cry from the prestige of state dinners and presidential motorcades.

It was a diplomatic comment, but it didn’t fully reflect Ivanka’s true feelings about going back to the White House. An insider told Us Weekly that Ivanka had a «rotten time» in the closing months of the administration because of the «vicious and toxic…backbiting» that went on. «[B]y the time came for her to step away, she couldn’t do so fast enough,» the source claimed. «Even if her dad begged her to be involved in his campaign again, Ivanka would turn it down flat.» 

Avoiding the inevitable «circus and volatility» of another Trump campaign will also allow Ivanka to pursue her own interests. Her Instagram posts show her trying her hand at surfing and assisting with aid efforts for Ukrainian refugees. It’s also possible she’s at work on the book she’s rumored to be writing about her time in the White House, per Page Six.

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