Jeremiah And Wife Hannah Are The Latest Duggars To Break Family Rules With Passionate Post

Jeremiah Duggar tied the knot with his wife, Hannah, last spring, and it’s no surprise that the pair are excited to show off their honeymoon phase on social media for all to see. This would be totally normal if Jeremiah’s last name wasn’t Duggar. Instead of simply celebrating their union by posting cute kissing photos, the couple is breaking one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s cardinal rules.

Hannah recently took to Instagram to celebrate their first anniversary with an adorable video slideshow of photos from their year together. The couple could be seen posing on their wedding day, celebrating the birth of their first child, and having fun on different vacations. However, a few images in this post saw the couple passionately kissing — one of the family’s big no-nos.

The Duggars do not accept PDA, and since Hannah comes from a big, traditional brood of her own, it is likely not allowed in her family, either. However, Jeremiah and Hannah are consenting adults, and what they choose to share online is up to them. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in Jim Bob and Michelle’s home as they watched this video, though!

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