Jinger Duggar Vuolo Sheds Light On Her Current Relationship With Jim Bob And Michelle

Writing a memoir that dishes unpleasant dirt on one’s family can have disastrous consequences. Knowing this, fans have worried that Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s relationship with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may be on shaky ground. The senior Duggars still belong to the IBLP, and it’s assumed that they are still raising their younger children in the church. Could Jinger’s accusations against her former pastor cause an irreparable rift?

Jinger addressed this question in a January 30 interview with «Good Morning America.» She told reporter Juju Chang, «I still talk to my parents. I just talked to my mom.» Jinger also made it clear that she doesn’t blame them for the church’s teachings. «I’m really grateful for my parents. They sought to give me the best life. You do what you think is best for your kid,» she said. Jinger also briefly addressed her oldest brother, Josh Duggar, who is serving a 12-year prison sentence. She hasn’t spoken to him since his conviction on child sexual abuse material charges, saying that she prefers to just pray for him.

As of this writing, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have not addressed their daughter’s book, but Jinger is aware that they may go on the defensive. She told Chang, «I will let them share their story if they want to.»

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