Joanna Gaines Tells Fans About The Personal Gift Taylor Swift Sent To Her Family

Joanna Gaines, the HGTV star who evolved her brand into a successful empire, recently spoke about a special gift sent over to her household by the pop and country music sensation, Taylor Swift. Speaking to Variety, she revealed that Swift sent over a copy of her album «Midnights» on vinyl, as well as a pair of sweats, and a hoodie, to the Gaines family. What followed was an epic war between her daughters over who got to wear the new digs.

«I listened to it the day it came out. She actually sent me some sweats and her vinyl, so I was very excited. The girls fought over it, so we kind of rotated. We’ve got the hoodie and the sweats, and it’s like every other week,» Gaines shared. «All I’m saying is yes, I love her new album, ‘Midnights.’ I think she is a genius.»

Gaines is a mother of three sons and two daughters (via Today). However, it appears her girls, Emmie and Ella, were all about the gifts from Swift.

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