Joy Behar’s Intense Emotions About Trump’s Latest Lawsuit Couldn’t Be Contained On-Air

Joy Behar had a pretty memorable interaction with Donald Trump, earning the former president’s ire after claiming he wore a wig, per E! News. Behar recalled how he was «really pissed» and even sent a strongly-worded letter chastising her. Trump’s legal team claimed he was «livid.» The missive also clarified, «He does not wear a wig. She can come over to the office and pull it and see for herself that it won’t come off.»

Behar could find herself on the receiving end of another angry note after a recent «The View» episode. Decider reports she was giddy with excitement upon learning about the latest lawsuit against Trump. The TV icon pointed out how he «exaggerates everything,» including consistently claiming more people were in attendance at his rallies — and, crucially, Trump’s presidential inauguration. 

Behar quipped, «He’ll go to jail and he’ll be like, ‘This cell is the biggest, the most beautiful cell I’ve ever been in. 14,000 square foot cell I’m in.'» She also pointed to how sensitive Trump is about his personal wealth. In fact, co-host Sunny Hostin reckons he’s more concerned about being exposed for that than ending up «in an orange federal jumpsuit,» leading Behar to joke, «Orange is the new orange.»

Behar also acknowledged she’s «gotten excited [before] and it has amounted to nothing. He’s still there. So I’m trying to temper myself but…» before breaking out into a full-on squeal of delight.

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