Justin Duggar Finally Breaks His Social Media Silence To Show Off New Digs

Up until now, Justin and Claire Duggar have been quiet about their life as a young married couple. Their most recent Instagram posts were in July 2022, showing off their new truck, and then in September, when Claire shared a video of herself preparing a loaded steak fajita. 

Then on January 30, Justin unexpectedly posted a link to the latest video on their YouTube channel. It opened with a romantic intro of the couple strolling through a park, then cut to a short time-elapsed look at the renovation work the Duggars did on an RV. Justin, whose T-shirt indicates he may be working for his in-laws’ construction business, gave the camper a much-needed upgrade. He covered the dated wood finish on the paneling with a fresher-looking gray paint (Sherwin-Williams’ Portsmouth shade, he explained), then constructed a cozy seating area for the living room. Claire helped spruce up the kitchen by installing adhesive tiles on the sink backsplash. «Had the best time working on this DIY project together!» Justin wrote on his Instagram.

This camper upgrade echoes the one Justin’s brother Jeremiah showed off on YouTube a few months ago. Jeremiah, Hannah, and their newborn daughter, Brynley, are using it as a temporary home. Justin hasn’t mentioned whether he and Claire are planning to follow suit — or whether they’re expecting an addition of their own — but all eyes will be on their social media in the weeks to come. 

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