Kamala Harris’ Flub About North Korea Has Donald Trump — And Twitter — On Attack

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was another voice to join the chorus of people who felt outraged by Kamala Harris’ unfortunate flub from the DMZ. He called out the VP’s «alliance» with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea.

Meanwhile, Twitter users didn’t let the moment go unnoticed, with one person pointing out that it’s been a bad week for the White House when it comes to misspeaking. Another individual was even more distraught over the Vice Presidential gaffe, tweeting, «I haven’t heard a retraction from Kamala about our alliance with North Korea. Where is the congress and senate? She must be IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY!»

More high-profile figures pounced, like Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, who tweeted wryly that these things can be difficult, referring to mixing up North and South Korea, while Canadian columnist Brian Lilley joked the scene was something we might expect from the show «Veep.»

Finally, a CPAC blogger called the whole thing «embarrassing.»

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