Kate Middleton Reportedly Didn’t Even Talk To Meghan Markle During Her Entire UK Visit

No matter how things played out, one insider claimed that a friendship between the future queen consort of England and the Duchess of Sussex was never a possibility. «They are two very different women who have always been on two totally different paths,» a source told Best of Life previously. «It’s now quite clear that they did what they had to do to keep up appearances, but there was nothing else beyond that between them.»

And it turns out the sisters-in-law’s relationship may be icier now than in the past

According to the Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers, Kate Middleton didn’t say a word to Meghan Markle throughout the entire ten day mourning period leading up the Queen’s televised funeral service. This seemingly included the Windsor Castle appearance that reunited the so-called «fab four» in front of a worldwide audience and sparked excitement among fans that the couples would finally put their differences behind them.

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