Kiernan Shipka And Matt Smukler Discuss The Message Of Wildflower — Exclusive

For Matt Smukler, it’s impossible not to see «Wildflower» through the lens of his own family. The film focuses on what Smukler refers to as a «multi-generational family that is full of life, and there’s dysfunction.» But the most important thing in Smukler’s eyes is that, like any family, they express their love and treat each other with the mutual respect they deserve. «I do feel like we’re a family, and as long as there’s love and as long as we try not to be critical of one another, it’s quite beautiful,» he says. 

Ultimately, he hopes that the characters featured in «Wildflower» will resonate with audiences, reminding them of their own loved ones. «If this movie puts a mirror up to your own life and your own family in a way, and suddenly you start to think, ‘What does it really mean to be normal?’ then that’s a great thing.»

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