Letitia Wright On The Importance Of Mental Health Representation In The Silent Twins — Exclusive

On the mental health care represented in the film, Wright said, «With our movie, we’re not trying to cast any judgment on psychiatric hospitals or mental health institutions. That’s not our aim. Our aim is to look at the society in which June and Jennifer grew up that failed them.» 

The aim for institutionalization should be rehabilitation and not punishment, but that’s not how it always plays out. «I feel that they were put with individuals who weren’t healthy mentally and [who] did crimes that are really, really problematic,» Wright added. «When we explored this story, we [saw] how, in a way, innocent their crimes were, how childish their crimes were: stealing pencils and papers and sweets. On top of the other things that took place, that all came together to put them away.»

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