Naomi Watts On What Convinced Her To Do Another Horror Remake — Exclusive

Naomi Watts wasn’t sure if she wanted to appear in «Goodnight Mommy» for one reason: She has appeared in several remakes already in her career. One, the 2002 English-language version of the iconic Japanese horror film «The Ring,» was her first major commercial hit. She followed that in 2005 with Peter Jackson’s take on «King Kong,» and in 2007 with Austrian director Michael Haneke’s own remake of his 1997 film «Funny Games,» a terrifying psychological thriller co-starring Tim Roth.

Watts explained that her conversation with director Matt Sobel eventually put her at ease about «Goodnight Mommy.» «He knew that I was nervous about doing a remake, having done a few by now,» she said, «but he comforted me because he told me that he had new ideas that he wanted to incorporate.»

Even with that assurance, however, Watts wasn’t sure at first how a remake could improve on the original film. «I did go and watch the original, and I was like, ‘Whoa, this is a really good film. There’s not much that should be done here,'» she recalled. «But that makes it interesting when you’ve got new ideas and we can do a lot of what they did as well.»

In the end, remake or not, Watts admitted that she was simply won over by the story and the complex nature of the character she was playing. «I love the fact that this woman is so deeply troubled at this point in her life,» she said. «I felt like, ‘How does she relate to her children at this point in her life where she’s coming unraveled?’ I found that very compelling.»

«Goodnight Mommy» is now streaming on Prime Video.

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