New Study Changes Conceptions On Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

A study published in PLOS Medicine suggests there’s limited risk related to conceiving again within three months after a miscarriage or induced abortion. This topic was researched over a span of eight years and considered various aspects of the subjects’ health history to conclude compelling results. The recommendation found by this cohort study is reassuring to families, especially those who don’t wish to wait up to six months before trying to get pregnant again.

Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a practicing gynecologist, concurs with the shortened time frame. The Yale University clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences recommends «waiting two or so months to give the uterus a chance to recover and for the woman to regain regular menstrual cycle activity» (via Healthline). According to the Miscarriage Association, unless you are in recovery from an illness, ectopic, or molar pregnancy, there are no medical reasons to delay trying again. When you and your partner are emotionally and physically well, it is safe to go full steam ahead. So you can keep working on those unique baby names.

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