Pathaan Movie Release and Review Live Updates: ‘True-blue commercial’ film

Audience expectations for the movie have grown tenfold as the controversies surrounding it have begun to wane. This is demonstrated by the increasing number of reservations made in advance that Pathaan has been getting.


Check Pathaan Movie Release and Review Live Updates

25 Jan 2023, 01:31:56 PM IST

‘Pathaan is your true-blue commercial, masala entertainer’

«Pathaan is your true-blue commercial, masala entertainer that’s not trying to send across any message or be a social commentary on the current state of affairs in the country. It’s fun, non-fussy and fantastic at the same time. Go watch it for Shah Rukh Khan and you would only come back with a smile, and maybe grooving a bit. Don’t miss the scene just before end credits for it’s not everyday you see two superstars in a banter about their stardom,» says HT.

25 Jan 2023, 01:17:50 PM IST

‘Thanks SRK for brining happiness and smile on millions of people’

“Bollywood should be thankful to SRK for delivering Super Hit at the time when Bollywood is struggling with many flops of big stars. Certainly Pathan will lift mood of Bollywood. The movie is great and the director has done his best. Thanks SRK for brining happiness and smile on millions of people. who were tired and bored with tens of flops in 2022. Jai Hind,» wrote one reviewer.

25 Jan 2023, 01:03:14 PM IST

Celebrations in Kolhapur

25 Jan 2023, 12:45:41 PM IST

Pathaan craze in Kolkata

25 Jan 2023, 12:43:29 PM IST

300 shows increased

Following a fantastic start, exhibitors have expanded the number of shows by 300.

25 Jan 2023, 12:32:40 PM IST

SRK delivers biggest Bollywood opener ever

Pathaan, with expected 60 crore Day 1 collection, is all set to become the biggest Bollywood movie opener ever. It will likely surpass KGF Chapter 2 ( 53.95 crore). The other top-opening Hindi movies in the list are War ( 51.6 crore), Thugs Of Hindostan ( 50.75 crore), Happy New Year ( 42.62 crore) and Bharat ( 42.3 crore).

25 Jan 2023, 12:24:34 PM IST

John Abraham as a villain is incredible

John Abraham as a villain is incredible, say viewers.

25 Jan 2023, 12:06:08 PM IST

Celebrations in Bhopal

25 Jan 2023, 11:50:32 AM IST

Protest against Pathaan in Bangalore

25 Jan 2023, 11:35:05 AM IST

‘Paisa vasool’

«High octane action sequences and powerful performances…full Paisa vasool,» fans are all praise for Pathaan,

25 Jan 2023, 11:13:04 AM IST

‘National festival’

25 Jan 2023, 11:10:26 AM IST

Jalgaon fans rejoice

25 Jan 2023, 11:05:45 AM IST


25 Jan 2023, 10:55:45 AM IST

Madness outside Delhi cinema hall

25 Jan 2023, 10:53:11 AM IST

Pics from Pathaan’s screening

25 Jan 2023, 10:42:43 AM IST

Pathaan sells 5.56 lakh tickets on Day 1

25 Jan 2023, 10:39:10 AM IST

Pathaan to ‘set box office on fire’

“What a SUPER ENTERTAINING film. From 1st to last frame, just Dhamaka all the way!» wrote critic Joginder Tuteja.

25 Jan 2023, 10:34:55 AM IST

Pathaan ‘first Blockbuster of 2023’

“Pathaan has it all: Star power, style, scale, songs, soul, substance and surprises… And, most importantly, #SRK, who’s back with a vengeance… Will be the first #Blockbuster of 2023,» tweeted critic Taran Adarsh.

25 Jan 2023, 10:32:41 AM IST

Protest against Pathaan in Agra

25 Jan 2023, 10:21:54 AM IST

‘Massive twists and turns’

“If you think that you have predicted the story based on the trailer, you will be surprised and shocked with what goes on screen with massive twists and turns at intervals,» wrote one reviewer.

25 Jan 2023, 10:11:39 AM IST

Pathaan craze in Bihar

25 Jan 2023, 09:42:21 AM IST

‘Too many surprises’

“High voltage action drama with amazing VFX. Too many surprises,» wrote one viewer.

25 Jan 2023, 09:35:57 AM IST

‘Best action movie this decade’

“Pathaan is the best action movie this decade. Very Entertaining Action-Thriller movie, from start to end you will not take a break for anything. Expect high adrenaline chasing sequences, fresh spy story, super tight racy screenplay, amazing locations, superstar cameos, blockbuster music, with Terrific Direction & Performances by #ShahRukhKhan & #JohnAbraham. Five out of Five star,» comes from another common man.

25 Jan 2023, 09:23:43 AM IST

Pathan is a patriotic film

“Pathaan was a film worth awarding 10/10 stars, Pathan is a patriotic film and the story of a soldier who does not care for his life for his country,» says one reviewer.

25 Jan 2023, 09:16:26 AM IST

Lots of praise for action scene on train

Many of those who have watched the movie are going gaga over the action scene in the movie that takes place on the top of a train. The scene was a part of the trailer as well.

Pathaan: Action scene between John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan.

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Pathaan: Action scene between John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan.
25 Jan 2023, 09:02:41 AM IST

VHP withdraws ‘Boycott Pathaan’

For the time being, VHP will not oppose Pathaan. “Keeping our earlier objections in mind, changes made in the film are correct. After watching the film, if we find anything objectionable, then we’ll reconsider opposing the film,» Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) spokesman Shriraj Nair said.

25 Jan 2023, 08:48:00 AM IST

Pathaan hailed for action set piece

This is SRK’s “most electric entry in years, followed by a skilfully choreographed action set piece w/ his iconic shotgun,» says one reviewer.

25 Jan 2023, 08:48:00 AM IST

‘Deepika Padukone could burn your screen’

“Shah Rukh Khan brings back the ‘mass’ to the massala entertainers, Deepika Padukone could burn your screen!» says

25 Jan 2023, 08:43:29 AM IST

Pathaan ‘lambi race ka ghoda’

“I was really scared about its storyline but it did not upset me it was 4/5. And beside storyline, screenplay dialogues and everything were just superb. I wont spoil anything here go watch it. All the audience in the theatre were really enjoying the movie. Watching that love from audience i think this movie is a lambi race ka ghoda (sic),» comes another public review.

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

‘Once in a lifetime film’

“Pathaan is once in a lifetime film. The action episodes are just lit. Even if you are a neutral audience, you can’t resist yourself clapping and whistling at the action scenes between John and srk (sic),» wrote one viewer. «Music is great. Salman cameo is top notch. Single screens will lit up for sure.Be ready for a hell of ride. Special mention to interval bang and climax. Not to forget, Bgm is world class.Overall pathaan is made of theatre experience (sic).

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

SRK’s new avatar praised

“The movie is a Suspense ride through out. Great cameos and Hints, Over the top Actions, Gripping, Fast paced and Great to see this new avatar of SRK. Siddharth Anand has yet Again Delivered like he did with War. There r twist and turns in the movie for that u shall watch it first,» reviews one viewer.

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

Pathaan praised for action, VFX

Early reviews of Pathaan give the action, visual effects, and background music in the film high marks. “What a wonderful experience, crazy with so many cameos. One of the best action thrillers from Bollywood. Really entertaining and almost unexpectedly good. SRK really took the time and worked hard for 4 years to get something serious. Won’t spoil anything but go watch it,» one viewer wrote.

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

Pathaan winning South India

Pathaan is also one of the first Bollywood movies to top the charts for advance reservations in the southern regions of the nation. Three well-known single-screen movie theatres in Mumbai, Gaiety, Galaxy, and Maratha Mandir, all had 70-80% of their seats filled.

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

Single-screens reopen for Pathaan

To make room for SRK’s Pathaan, more than 25 single-screen cinema theatres are anticipated to reopen nationally. Shah Rukh Khan recently provided a list of single-screen theatres set to open in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Goa in a tweet.

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

Pathaan bigger than previous biggies

Pathaan has had a greater booking rate compared to a number of previous movies, including War (4.10 lakh tickets sold), Thugs of Hindostan (3.46 lakh tickets sold), and even Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (3.40 lakh tickets sold).

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

Pathaan expected to earn ₹45 crore on opening day

With the amount of anticipation and expectations at an all-time high, Pathaan is set to get off to an amazing start. According to trade predictions, the eagerly anticipated SRK movie may make more than 45 crore on its opening day.

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:00 AM IST

Pathan to release on roughly 5,000 screens in India

In India, Pathan will release on roughly 5,000 screens. The film is Shah Rukh Khan’s first to have 6 AM shows. The Yash Raj Films production will be launched in theatres the day before Republic Day 2023, giving Pathaan a five-day extended opening weekend.

25 Jan 2023, 08:20:01 AM IST

Pathaan beats KGF 2

The KGF — Chapter 2 (Hindi) release, which achieved 5.15 lakh sales, was exceeded by the Yash Raj Film (YRF) production. With ticket sales of 5.21 lakh, Pathaan outperformed it. 6.5 lakh tickets were sold for the Hindi version of Baahubali 2.

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