20 Best Easter Cake Pops and Recipes

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, these Easter cake pops are too cute not to make.

They’re great for parties, and the kids will love them!

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Sweet Homemade Easter Cake Pops

How to Make Easy Easter Cake Pops

These adorable cake truffles are easy to make and super fun to eat.

You’ll love the stunning pastels and the bright, colorful sprinkles. And so will your family and friends!

From egg-shaped treats to little chicks, these Easter cake pops scream spring, and every bite is a party!

So make a big batch and watch them disappear.

Why make regular round pops when you can whip up these Easter egg cake pops just as easily?

Use a cookie scoop so they’re all even, then shape them by hand in minutes.

When they’re chilled, you’ll dip them into an array of bright-colored candy melts.

Add some festive sprinkles and a few ribbons, and they’re ready for the party!

Are you ready to jazz up your Easter celebration? Then make these bunny-butt cake pops for a fun, creative twist on your holiday spread.

From the moist, crumbled chocolate cake and cream cheese to the marshmallow frosting and melted white chocolate, they’re insanely good.

And they’re so stinkin’ cute! Who could resist those little tails?!

Did you know you can make any round cake pop into a bunny with some mini marshmallows and sugared almonds?

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It’s true!

Just make your go-to pop recipe, then stick a couple of white candy almonds in the top.

Add the face details with edible pens, then attach the marshmallows with icing.

Easy peasy.

Need something a little easier? How about these super fun Easter cake pops?

They’re bursting with color and much easier to make in bulk!

Use all kinds of colorful candy melts and jazz them up with vibrant sanding sugar.

It’s almost too easy.

Spring is here! And what better way to celebrate the season than with a mouthwatering carrot cake pop?

These little balls of joy are festive inside and out.

You just can’t beat that mix of spiced carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. And the confetti sprinkles are the perfect finishing touch.

Make it the best Easter ever with these mouthwatering chocolate Easter cake pops!

Featuring moist, fluffy chocolate cake and velvety ganache dipped in green candy melts, they’re ideal for any spring party. 

Add some festive sprinkles, and they’re good to go.

If you have a little extra time on your hands, you have to try these stunning Easter basket cake pops.

Yes, they’re harder to shape. And yes, the decorations are a little more involved.

But come on! They’re insanely sweet and super effective!

They may not be ideal for a crowd, but your family will go nuts for these things.

Starbucks Cake Pops

With that pretty pink hue, these Starbucks cake pops were made for Easter!

And you can easily modify the filling if you want something more than just vanilla cake.

For example, lemon or spiced cake would work, too – you’ll use a box mix, so the sky’s the limit!

To make them pop, try sprinkling over some Oreo crumbs.

This sweet carrot cake pop recipe can be made by hand or with a little mold.

Either way, you know exactly what they are, thanks to the bright orange coating.

As for the green tops? It’s just green shoelace candy! Clever, huh?

Bunnies and carrots are perfect for Easter. But let’s not forget the birds!

Specifically, bird’s nests. They’re the epitome of springtime and look beyond adorable as a cake pop.

And all it takes is a few chocolate jimmies and chocolate mini eggs.

How easy is that?

Celebrate the beautiful blooms of Easter with these adorable flower cake pops.

The cake is moist and delicious, perfectly coated with melted white chocolate. It’s studded with pastel-colored M&Ms shaped into an adorable little flower.

And when you bite into one of these pops, the real magic happens.

These Easter bunny and chick cake pops are a delight for the eyes and the taste buds!

Made with a delicately sweet vanilla cake base, they’re an absolute delight.

One thing I would change is to use sugared almonds for the bunny ears. They’ll hold up much better than cake pop dough.

I’m going off-book with this one but stay with me.

They’re Easter cake push-up pops. Pops! They might not be the traditional cake pop shape, but I think they totally count!

And how clever are they? It looks like a bunny digging into a carrot patch.

Add some candy “rocks” and green-tinted coconut, and they’re super effective.

Feast your eyes and indulge in the deliciousness of these creamy white chocolate Easter cake pops.

The soft, moist cake is dipped in a purple candy coating and topped with colorful sprinkles.

They’re the perfect addition to your Easter spread – whether you’re hosting or attending a party.

Here’s another recipe that’s pretty involved but yields sensational results.

You can use the tips of candy corn (as shown) or cut orange taffy to shape for the noses.

Then you’ll need white fondant for the cracked egg look.

Serve these in an egg carton for the full effect!

Make your Easter celebration pop with these delicious spring-themed cake pops.

These little guys are just the thing to get you in the mood for warm weather. They’re cute, colorful, and sweet – just waiting for you to gobble them up!

Best of all, you can decorate them however you like, whether adding sprinkles or going all-out with frosting and candy decorations.

I’m including these Oreo pops for two reasons.

One, they’re insanely sweet, crazy-easy, and just so fun.

And two, you could so easily make them with cake pop fillings! Just flatten them slightly, coat them in chocolate, and the rest is the same.

Just be sure to get the tiny marshmallows!

Want to make the above recipe with Oreos but prefer that cake pop texture? Try this recipe!

You’ll mix crushed Oreos with cream cheese, then shape them like any other truffle!

They’re moist, chocolatey, and have the best crunchy finish. Best of all, you won’t need to turn on your oven for this one!

I love this recipe because most of the “hard” work is just cutting cupcake liners.

Fold them, snip them, then nestle the yellow cake pops in the middle. And bam, you’ve got easy little flowers for your Easter gathering.

They look super effective in yellow but feel free to go for something more colorful.

Make a whole bouquet!

My favorite part of these cake pops is the little ladybugs climbing up the paper straws.

I mean, the whole thing is cute, pretty, and ideal for an Easter party. But those little bugs make them extra special.

Make and serve them with the straw sticking out the top for the full effect!

Easter Cake Pops

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