25 Easy Leftover Easter Egg Recipes

Need some clever leftover easter egg recipes to use up all that chocolate?

From brownies to cheesecakes, you’ll love these easy and delicious treats.

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Leftover Easter Egg Recipes featuring Homemade Mini Cheesecakes with Candy Eggs and Whipped Cream

25 Clever Things to Do with Leftover Easter Eggs

Don’t we all end up with too much chocolate after Easter? Especially if you have kids!

But rather than eating it as is, why not make one of these leftover Easter egg recipes?

It’ll breathe new life into the candy and give you an excuse to devour it all!

Easter egg-stuffed crescent rolls are the best excuse to have chocolate for breakfast. 

Because we all overdo it when those Cadbury Eggs finally come back in season, right?

That said, you could use any filled chocolate egg here. For example, I love those caramel-filled ones!

Easter in the U.K. looks a little different. They don’t really do Easter baskets, and they have big, hollow chocolate eggs with all kinds of extras.

You can even get them with gifts, like mugs!

And that’s what you’ll need here. A big hollow egg you can fill with cheesecake and a yummy biscuit base.

Mini Eggs are probably my favorite Easter treat. My Grandma always gave them out in spring, and I just love the pastel colors.

But rather than eating them from the bag, this recipe breaks them up and scatters them over fudgy brownies.

And you could even melt chocolate eggs instead of using chocolate chips!

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Chocolate trifle is a show-stopping dessert for any Easter party. 

It’s loaded with brownies, chocolate pudding, and more chocolate! Use any candy you have left over, and get ready for a sugar coma!

Top it with colorful Peeps for a nice vibrant finish.

Speaking of Peeps: these cookies have chopped Peeps and Mini Eggs in the mix!

The cookie dough is simple but loaded with chocolate flavor. And the extras make it colorful and textural.

These are easy to store, gift, or transport to parties. But you can save them all for yourself if you prefer. 

What’s better than warm fudgy brownies to end a cool spring day? Fudgy brownies filled with Creme Eggs!

Each bite of this is an explosion of chocolate and sweet fondant goodness.

They’re incredibly rich, so you only need a small square. Though I won’t judge, so take as much as you like!

Like an icebox cake, biscuit cakes don’t need to be baked. But instead of a creamy filling, it’s cookies covered in chocolate.

Use your Easter chocolate and melt it with condensed milk – kind of like fudge.

Then add any chopped candies you like and plenty of biscuit (cookie) pieces.

Let it set in the fridge, slice, and enjoy!

This crazy fudge is overflowing with fun extras, like chopped Creme Eggs, Jelly Beans, and festive sprinkles.

The white base makes the colors pop.

But if you want to use up Easter eggs too, try a layer of dark on the bottom, then top it with white.

If you’re looking for a super simple dessert that’s great for snacking, this is it. 

Chop up all the leftover candy you have. Then melt the plain stuff with condensed milk.

Chocolate lovers will go crazy for this rich and tasty treat. 

Puff pastry and chocolate? I’m so in!

Use store-bought pastry for quick prep, and wrap it around Mini Eggs and leftover chocolate.

As it bakes, the chocolate melts into the puff pastry and becomes incredibly decadent. 

Creme Egg pancakes will sweeten your morning after just one bite. 

These pancakes are light and fluffy with chunks of chocolate Creme Eggs. They melt in the heat, so every bite is impossible to resist.

Homemade ice cream with just three ingredients? Sign me up!

Featuring condensed milk, chopped Creme Eggs, and double cream, it’s super luxurious.

And you don’t have to stop at eggs, either! Throw in whatever you have left over.

Here’s another simple fudge I know you’ll love.

This version is much simpler, with chopped Mini Eggs for taste, texture, and color.

It’s straightforward to make and irresistibly good. 

One of my go-to party treats for any holiday is chocolate bark. 

Just spread melted chocolate over parchment paper, then top it with whatever your heart desires.

This one has dark and white chocolate and plenty of Easter candies.

Easter egg ice cream bowls are totally made of chocolate, and they’re super cute. 

Once you have the eggs opened, this is a great activity for kids. Give them the fillings and go to town!

Add ice cream, whipped cream, or even pudding if you like it gooey!

Chocolate fondue is always a good idea. 

And it’s one of the easiest ways to use up leftover Easter eggs.

Serve it with all kinds of fruits and cookies, and the whole family will go nuts.

These cheesecake cookie bars are divine. 

They’re a heavenly combination of soft cheesecake, chewy cookies, and crunchy Easter eggs.

Take these to a party, and everybody will be pleased. 

Milk chocolate mousse Easter eggs are a cute dessert for any springtime celebration. 

The rich mousse is an easy blend of cream and chocolate (feel free to use leftovers), and it’s piped right into a chocolate egg.

Top it with a couple of Mini Eggs for some crunch, and get ready to drool!

Magic bars are so good, I make them all year.

But this is my go-to Easter recipe! It uses up all those tiny bags of M&Ms and tastes incredible to boot.

Plus, you can’t beat those colors.

Easter egg rocky road is a quick dessert you’ll want to enjoy from Spring to winter.

But between the chocolate eggs, peanuts, marshmallows, and chocolate, it’s definitely Easter-approved.

Use chopped-up Peeps if you have them, and don’t be afraid to tweak the recipe. It would be great fantastic with Jelly Beans, too!

Okay, here’s one for the grown-ups.

And how sensational does it look? It’s the ultimate Easter cocktail, and everyone that sees it will want one.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be served in a chocolate egg. But then, what’s the point?

I had to include one for the kids! (Though you could make the cocktail above and serve it in a bunny too.)

How stinkin’ cute are these milkshakes? And there’s blended Peeps right in the mix!

As for the toppings, add anything and everything you have on hand. There are no wrong answers here.

Cake makes everything better, right? 

So fight the post-holiday slump with this choco-loaded traybake. If you have lots of leftover Easter candy, this cake is the best way to use it all up. 

This chocolate sheet cake has candy inside and out. It’s a beautiful and delicious way to keep the Easter fun going. 

Hot chocolate is a cozy way to end a nice spring day. So use this recipe to put that Easter candy to good use. 

This hot cocoa is rich and creamy with the delightful flavor of a chocolate Easter egg. 

Top it off with more Easter eggs and whipped cream for a deliciously comforting drink. 

Like the mousse or cheesecake recipes below, this tasty tiramisu uses hollow chocolate eggs.

Just crack the top off (but don’t eat it!), then fill it with a heavenly mascarpone cream.

Layer in some coffee-infused cookies and top it off with grated chocolate and shards of chocolate. Delish!

Leftover Easter Egg Recipes

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