5 Delicious Coffee Recipes To Cool Yourself This Summer

Morning is incomplete without a cup of coffee; it is needed for a boost of energy that wakes us up and energises us for the day. Coffee is not just an ordinary beverage; coffee lovers all over the world can agree that drinking a cup of joe is a ritual that people live by! Now, coffee has become an essential flavour with desserts and drinks, giving a delicious twist to some of the most popular recipes! But the key to enjoying this coffee is to find the right recipe for our taste buds. Some coffee recipes can be strong, some can be creamy, some can be hot and some can be cold! As the season changes and the weather gets hotter, we all veer towards enjoying cold drinks and desserts that can help keep the heat away. That is why we have shortlisted five coffee recipes to cool you this summer!

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5 Coffee-Based Recipes To Cool Yourself This Summer:

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1.Cold Coffee

The ultimate summer cooler for coffee lovers, this frothy and creamy delight is just the perfect drink to enjoy when you are feeling hot! A classic cold coffee is chilled, refreshing and has that perfect kick of coffee. All you need is a few ingredients and a blender to whip up this gorgeous drink.

Click here for the full recipe of Cold Coffee.

2.Iced Coffee

Another popular caffeinated drink, iced coffee is just like simple coffee but with ice. You can also top with layers of flavours like rum, nutmeg and ice cream, to give this drink a refreshing twist.

Click here for the full recipe of Iced Coffee.

3.Mint Coffee

Can there be anything more refreshing than freshly made coffee with a hint of mint? Here is how you can easily prepare a mint coffee at home. Just a few ingredients along with a few minutes and you’ll be in for a great coffee experience.

Click here for the full recipe of Mint Coffee

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4.Mocha Cooler

If you are a big fan of chocolate, then this mocha cooler is perfect for you. This cool coffee drink is perfectly chocolatey, giving it a flavour of both cold coffee and chocolate shake.

Click here for the full recipe of Mocha Cooler.

5.Spiced Coffee Kulfi

Who doesn’t love eating kulfi during the summers? The beloved kulfi gets a caffeine kick with this spiced coffee kulfi recipe. With basic ingredients, you can easily whip this fusion dessert for the perfect cold treat!

Click here for the full recipe of Spiced Coffee Kulfi.

Try out these coffee-based recipes and do tell us in the comments section which is your go-to for the summer!

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