5 Egg Recipes You Can Make For Sehri In Under 30 Mins

The festival of Ramadan is finally here and Muslims around the world are celebrating it with much fun and enthusiasm. This nine-day long holy month is marked by offering special prayers, dawn-to-dusk fasting and evening feasts. Devotees consume a meal before sunrise, known as sehri, after which they abstain from having food or water until after sunset when it is time for iftar. It is said, after sehri, not a single piece of food or a drop of water can enter the mouth of the person who’s fasting. This makes the first meal known as Sehri/Suhoor, the most important meal of the day. Hence, the food eaten during sehri should be nutrient-rich and filling to the core.

Considering this, here we bring you a list of 5 egg recipes you can make at home to enjoy sehri. And the best part about these egg recipes is they are incredibly easy to make and require just a handful of easily accessible ingredients available in your pantry. Let’s get started.

Ramadan 2022: Here’s A List Of 5 Quick And Easy Egg Recipes You Must Try For Sehri

Our Recommendations:

1. Egg Bonda

Let’s start the list with the easiest and most delicious one- Egg Bonda! In this recipe, hard-boiled eggs are smeared with a spicy batter of besan (chickpea flour or gram flour) and fried until crispy and awesome. High-protein eggs are perfect to refuel you to survive the remaining day. Click here for the recipe.

aloo bonda

2. Egg Kebab

Here we bring you another delicious egg recipe. Egg kebab is a popular snack recipe made with hard-boiled eggs, gram flour (or besan), a few tangy spices and seasonings like chilli powder, chaat masala, ginger and garlic paste. Find the recipe here.

Other Recipes You Must Try:

3. Egg Biryani

There is a gamut of decadent dishes you can prepare using versatile eggs. Here is one such decadent recipe called egg biryani. This one-pot biryani requires only a handful of regular ingredients like rice, eggs, onions, green chillies, bay leaf, cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon, ginger-garlic paste, pulao masala, oil and salt. It is extremely easy and quick to make. Click here.

4. Shakshuka

This one-pot, easy and protein-rich recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes and is ideal for those times when you want to have something quick, healthy, filling and delicious at the same time. Find the recipe here.


5. Anda Paratha

A recipe which is loved by all- Anda paratha! Feast your taste buds on this protein-packed paratha. A combination that can never go wrong, this will keep you fueled throughout the day. Click here.


So, try out these recipes as your next Sehri meal and let us know how you liked them in the comment section below. Ramadan Mubarak!!

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