5 Malabari Veg Recipes That’ll Make You Crave The Beach Life

With the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other, the Malabar Coast of Kerala is home to beautiful beaches, rich culture and delicious cuisine! We have all heard of the classic dishes like Malabar fish curry, Malabari chicken curry and Malabar fish biryani. While this cuisine is known for offering a delicious variety of non-veg delicacies, it is not far behind with its vegetarian options. Our love for this cuisine has made us want to shed some light on mouth-watering Malabari vegetarian dishes you can easily make. Now you can enjoy freshly made Malabari delicacies at home!

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5 Malabari Veg Recipes You Must Try:


1.Malabar Paneer

Malabar paneer is a rich and creamy paneer gravy that is cooked in typical South Indian preparation. Paneer cubes are bathed in masaledar coconut curry to give this wonderful dish. It is super easy to make and is a must-try for coconut lovers!

Click here for the full recipe of Malabar Paneer.


Soft in the centre and crispy from the ends, Appam is a bowl-shaped pancake cooked with fermented rice and grated coconut. It is best served with stew and is a quintessential combination in Kerala.

Click here for the full recipe of Appam.

3.Kadala Curry

Kadala curry is a spicy vegetarian curry made of black chickpeas, coconut and flavourful seasoning. This wholesome and spicy curry is often paired with another extremely popular South Indian delicacy called puttu to give the go-to breakfast combination of Kadala curry and Puttu.

Click here for the full recipe for Kadala Curry.

4.Malabar Parotta

Malabari Parotta or ‘Barota’ is flaky yet fluffy, crisp yet soft. A good Malabar Paratha is just the perfect accompaniment to Chettinad cuisine when paired with coconutty curries like Chicken Chettinad and rich meaty stews. A thin parantha served hot with melted ghee, usually served with South Indian gravy dishes, this is perfect for dinner parties too!

Click here for the full recipe of Malabar Parotta.



These Malabari pancakes are a crispy delicacy that resembles the North Indian roti. Prepared from rice flour, this dish can soak in the spices of all the wonderful South Indian curries and overall enhance the meal with its soft texture.

Click here for the full recipe of Pathiri.

Try out these delicious Malabari dishes and do tell us in the comments section which one is your favourite!

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