86-Year-Old Italian Lady Makes Pasta At Home, Reddit Is Seriously Impressed

When it comes to comfort eating, Italian food has become a worldwide favourite. Whether it’s Pasta or Gelato, Risotto or Pizza — there are so many delicious Italian recipes out there. Pasta specifically has found a fan following of its own among food-lovers. Although we use store-bought pasta for daily use, many Italian households have a tradition of making their own pasta at home. Homemade pasta means that the process starts from scratch — right from the kneading of the dough to the cutting of different pasta shapes. One such video of an Italian lady making pasta at home has left Reddit impressed. The 86-year-old manages the entire process with such practiced ease, you will be stunned!

Watch the video of the Italian lady making pasta at home here:

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The clip of the Italian lady was shared in the sub-Reddit r/oddlysatisfying by user u/deathkissaway. It has already raked in over 10k upvotes and hundreds of comments as well.

In the video, we can see an elderly Italian woman making Ravioli pasta from scratch. Ravioli is a kind of stuffed pasta that is made by adding a filling to thin pasta sheets. The caption of the video reveals that it is the user’s grandmother who is featured in the video and is 86 years old. She starts by adding egg yolks to all-purpose flour and kneading the dough by hand. She then uses a long, cylindrical rolling pin to flatten out the dough and make it as thin as possible. Once she has rolled out the pasta sheet, she adds small portions of the fillings to it. She pays painstaking detail to the entire process that you can’t help but be left mesmerised.

The video of the Italian lady making pasta from scratch got tons of appreciative comments from Reddit users. A lot of people wanted to know the 86-year-old’s recipe and secret tricks to making pasta. Others felt that making pasta at home was a dying tradition.

Take a look at the reactions by Reddit users:

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