Disha Patani Gives Her Sunday Meal A Healthy Boost With Black Chickpeas

Disha Patani has carved a niche for herself in the fitness world. She has gone a long way in inspiring people to take fitness seriously. And it would not have been possible without a healthy diet. And wouldn’t it be great if, like Disha, your indulgences too had a healthy twist. The actress just shared a photo of her healthy indulgence on Sunday. Guess what she had? It was a bowl of mildly spiced masala chana (black chickpeas).


If Disha Patani’s Sunday indulgence has whetted your appetite, here’s a recipe of masala channa that you can make at home. It’s simple to prepare, and the best part is that it’s gluten-free. It goes well with garlic naan or any other type of Indian bread.

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Though Disha Patani is one of the fittest actresses, she, too, has her cheat days. She, once, shared a photo of a sweet delight that she savoured. It was decadent pancakes. There were three pancakes stacked on a thick layer of chocolate spread. The dish was topped with whipped cream and some more chocolate spread. She captioned the post, “Cheat day begins.”

On another occasion, Disha Patani’s cheat meal included delicious puri, chickpea curry, boiled potato curry along with a Colocasia leaves snack (Arbi ke patte ke pakode).

Disha Patani may not be that vocal about food but we know that she appreciates good food from time to time. In fact, her vacations seem incomplete without yummy food. Last year, while on vacation, Disha treated us to a glimpse of her scrumptious spread. She devoured pastries, bread with vegetables, and cooling drinks. To strike a healthy balance, she followed it with a photo of refreshing coconut water that seemed to be infused with orange and mint.

Disha Patani, it appears, saves her cheat meals for the weekends. We got a glimpse of her cheat dinner a while ago which she had shared on a Sunday. She shared a photo of a half-eaten Tiramisu with a sprinkling of coffee powder on top. “Cheat Begins,” she wrote in the caption.

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