Divyanka Tripathi Spills The Beans On Her All-Time Favourite Foods

Divyanka Tripathi’s love for all things delicious isn’t a secret. Her food tales are famous on social media where’s she’s seen relishing a range of delicious fare from time to time. However, do you know what her favourite food or dish is? Everyone has their own favourite dish that’s close to their hearts and Divyanka isn’t any different. During a recent “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram, many of her followers asked her various questions including her food choices. While doing so, the actress told her followers about her favourite dish and also revealed other aspects of her foodie side.

When a follower asked her, “What’s your favourite dish, something you love to eat anytime?”, Divyanka responded by posting a platter that featured traditional Rajasthani dishes like dal, baati, churma, among other foods including mashed brinjal cooked with spices, green chutney and a dry curry. Divyanka wrote, “Dal, baati, churma – my all-time favourite.” Take a look:


After a while, another fan asked her to choose between her favourite brew — tea or coffee? Divyanka shared a photo of her frothy coffee and stated, “Love my cuppa coffee.” Take a look:


In another picture shared on Instagram Stories, she was seen gorging on fresh strawberries. This was in the form of an answer to someone who asked her if she was a vegetarian. Divyanka wrote, “Yes, happily.”

Apart from desi food, Divyanka Tripathi loves gorging on other cuisines too. When she was vacationing in Abu Dhabi with her husband Vivek Dahiya on her birthday, the actress made sure her fans stay updated with her culinary adventures. She shared a series of food posts on Instagram on her birthday eve and it all screamed indulgence. The day started with a decadent breakfast as we saw Vivek chomping on avocado toast. There were some omelettes, a gravy dish, and a porridge as well. For lunch, the two had bruschetta and continued having various other delicacies for dinner. Read more about it here.

Divyanka Tripathi did not miss out on the joy of trying out the staple sarso ka saag and makki ki roti combination when she was in Punjab a few months ago. We could also hear Divyanka saying, “Punjab aaye aur makki ki roti sarso ka saag na khaaye to kya khaak Punjab aaye (a trip to Punjab is incomplete if you don’t have makki ki roti and sarso ka saag)”. Take a look at it here.

We adore Divyanka Tripathi for being so unabashed when it comes to her love for food.

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