Enjoy Authentic Korean Food At Crowne Plaza Greater Noida’s Korean Food Festival

The Korean culture has taken us by storm! From sobbing over heart-breaking K-dramas to listening to headbanging tunes of K-pop, we just can’t get enough of the Korean culture. We are so mesmerised by this culture that people from all around the world have united together for their love of K-pop and K-drama through fan clubs. You say the word ‘BTS’ in a group of friends and a hot discussion would break out immediately. The boom of K-Dramas and K-pop within mainstream media has made Indians develop a fondness for Korean food! Watching the drool-worthy Korean food on TV has made us curious about Korean cuisine and we wish to try out the food this beautiful country has to offer! If you are a fan of Korean food or you are curious about what it is like, then head to Crowne Plaza Greater Noida’s exclusive food festival «Culinary Marvels Of Korean Cuisine».

With ex-pat Korean Chefs Nam Yeon Hwang and Joon Seok Park at the helm of the endeavour, this food festival aims at bringing authentic Korean flavours to the table. The Korean buffet focused on giving a taste of Korea in India. From a variety of Korean side salads to main course dishes that we all have heard of thanks to Korean entertainment entities, the spread of the buffet was quite grand!


Korean Barbecue



As Korean cuisine has a heavy use of meats and poultry, we started our meal with some Korean barbecue from the live counter; there were tenderloins, pork and chicken. Then, we moved to the buffet where we ate Korean fried chicken, seaweed soup, sticky rice and Korean pan-fried fish. Later on, we also enjoyed a bowl full of ramen, probably one of the most popular Korean dishes in the world. After eating our hearts out, we indulged in a variety of Korean desserts that had the signature sweet and spicy essence.




Overall, I had a wonderful time experiencing all the delicious flavours Korean food has to offer and I recommend visiting this Korean food festival at Crowne Plaza Greater Noida.

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