French Fries Chaat: Chef Ranveer Brar Shares A Scrumptious Recipe

Potato is an integral part of Indian cuisine. This humble vegetable is extensively used in a number of curries including dry and gravy-rich delicacies. Besides this, potato is also popular among various street food items including yummy chaat items. The best part about aloo is that it’s versatile. Now, chef Ranveer Brar has shared a unique chaat recipe that features the goodness of French fries and chaat. He has dropped a video on Instagram and introduced us to a unique way of preparing a finger-licking French fries chaat or blooming potato. You may have tried French fries and chaat separately but we bet, this is something new and is sure to tantalise your tastebuds.


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For frying potato

Large frying potato — 2-4


Salt to taste

Cornstarch — 1/2 cup

Salt to taste

Oil for frying


Tomato ketchup

Oregano — 1 tablespoon

Chilli flakes — 1 tablespoon

Processed cheese (grated)

Black pepper water — 1/2 tablespoon

Processed cheese (grated)

Desi red chilli powder — A pinch

Coriander sprig

Green chillies (finely chopped) — 2 (less spicy)

How to prepare French Fries chaat?

1)Cut the edges of frying potatoes and make a square shape.

2) Take chopsticks or wooden pencils and place the potatoes into the middle of the chopsticks. Cut the potatoes into the shape of thin French fries.

3) Then, prepare a mixture of salt and water and put the potatoes in the same for 5-10. Remove it and keep it aside for further use. You can also give potatoes the desired shape.

4) Slice potatoes to make a rectangle. Cut each potato into three to four pieces lengthwise.

Secure two skewers on both sides of the potato. You can use the other hand to make crosswise cuts all the way up to the skewer (do not cut the potato through).

5) Once done, flip the potato to the other side and make diagonal cuts on it. Place two forks on both ends of a potato slice and stretch it out.

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For coating

The chef also stated that sprinkle cornstarch on potatoes. Once they are coated nicely, remove them into the tray and keep them aside for further use. Remove excess cornstarch from the potatoes by tapping them.

This is how you need to fry the dish:

Heat some oil in a shallow pan or kadai. Transfer wedges and fry until they turn golden in colour. Once done, remove the wedges into an absorbent paper and keep them aside for further use. Put the prepared potatoes into the hot oil and fry until golden in colour and crisp.

Once potatoes are cooked, transfer them to the tray and keep them aside.

How to do the garnishing?

This makes for an important method while preparing this delicacy.

1)The chef mentioned that first, place prepared wedges on a serving plate. Put mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, sprinkle oregano, chilli flakes, and grated cheese. Place the prepared potato into it.

2) Now, sprinkle black pepper powder, chilli flakes, grated cheese, degi red chilli powder, green chilli, and coriander sprig. Serve hot.

So, are you excited about trying out this yummy potato recipe at home?

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