Gabriella Demetriades Birthday Cakes Will Leave You Craving; See Pic

Gabriella Demetriades celebrated her birthday recently and she had some really nice cakes to mark the occasion. On Instagram Stories, she shared several messages and wishes she received from her well-wishers. In one of the images, she is seen with her beau Arjun Rampal, and in another, she shared a photograph of their son Arik looking at the several cakes placed on a table. The image showed Arik trying to poke his finger inside a cake. Gabriella said Arik thought it was his birthday and “can’t understand it’s someone else’s”.

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It could also be that the cakes were so delicious Arik could not control his excitement. The model, who has worked mainly in the Tamil movie industry, celebrated her birthday on April 8.


Instagram story by Gabriella Demetriades

If the sight of Gabriella’s cake has made you hungry for desserts, here are five recipes that you should bake and enjoy this weekend.

1) Rich and Moist Chocolate Cake

One of the most liked cakes, it is full of chocolatey flavour. It is moist and has the perfect crumb. You can whip it up on a Saturday night after a demanding week for a baking therapy as it requires less effort.

2) Flourless Chocolate Cake

Another easy recipe. It requires only five ingredients. You can top it up with flaked almonds and enjoy yourself or serve visitors on a Sunday. A real crowd pleaser.

3) Marble Cake

This cake gets its streaked or mottled appearance by blending light and dark batter, which can a mixture of vanilla and chocolate cake. Though the marble cake looks fancy, its flavour is pure old-fashioned goodness.

4) Microwave Chocolate Fudge

You can make this cake in minutes in a microwave. It’s full of the goodness of chocolate and will be liked by people of all age groups.

5) Eggless Vanilla Cake

This one is for all those who like to keep it simple. This cake is ideal for birthdays and weekend dinner parties.

Now, head to the kitchen and bake a storm to satiate your cake cravings.

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