How To Make Watermelon-Lemon Cooler For A Hydrating Summer Drink (Recipe Inside)

Are you already feeling dehydrated and all sweaty? If yes, then understand summer is almost here. Summer brings along scorching heat and irritation, which further leads to dehydration. This is why experts suggest enough hydration during the season to keep up body’s water balance. That’s right. Keeping a check on body’s water balance not only help you cruise through the season, but also helps avoid several seasonal diseases. But if you thought water balance is all about chugging gallons of water, then you are absolutely wrong here. We agree, drinking adequate amount of water is the key to good health, but trust us, that’s not enough to stay healthy. We also need to load up on hydrating fruits and vegetables that are loaded with essential nutrients that help aid our overall health.

If you look around, you would find no dearth of hydrating fruits and vegetables in the summer season. During this time of the year pineapple, berries, cucumber, lemon, mint etc make their way to the market and our refrigerator. Each of these fruits and vegetables are cooling and help us keep hydrated. Another such popular summer fruit is watermelon. Let’s agree, watermelon needs no introduction. This sweet, crunchy, red coloured fruit is a season-favourite. And if you are like us, then you surely try to make the most of it too. Besides having it as is, we love making coolers, sherbet, popsicle and more with this hearty fruit. And hence, we thought of sharing one of our favourite watermelon-based drink recipe with you. It’s watermelon-lemon cooler.

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Summer Health Care: Health Benefits Of Watermelon-Lemon Cooler:

From the very name we can get that this drink includes cooling watermelon and tangy lemon in the recipe. Besides being soul-soothing, these ingredients make the drink super healthy too. Wonder how? It is because both watermelon and lemon are loaded with vitamin C that helps you keep hydrated and detoxed during the summers.

Besides watermelon consists of «94 percent water, lycopene, potassium and a lot of other nutrients. It has fiber that is a wonderful source to keep the digestion process going,» states Nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic Health Coach, Shilpa Arora.

That’s not all. The drink also includes fresh basil leaves which are loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Make Watermelon-Lemon Cooler:

To make this drink, you just need watermelon, lemon, basil leaves, club soda and some ice (optional).

All you need to do is make a puree with watermelon, lemon and basil leaves and add club soda to it. That’s it. The drink is ready to be served in just no time. You can add crushed ice while serving.

Click here for the detailed recipe of watermelon-lemon cooler.

Try this quick, easy and super cooling drink this summer and enjoy the season to the fullest. For more such quick summer cooler recipes, click here.

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