Learn How To Cut Onions The Way A Michelin-Star Chef Would

Let’s admit it — cutting up onions is something that can reduce the best of us to tears (literally!). The entire process of first peeling an onion and then chopping it to small pieces is easier said than done. There are millions of internet hacks out there that can teach you how to cut up an onion the right way without much hassle. But have you ever wondered how exactly professional chefs go about it? There is a certain technique that they follow to get perfect results, every single time. Recently, a food blogger known as Senpai Kai took to his YouTube channel to show the Michelin-star way to chop onions like a pro.


Learn how to chop onions like a pro with this viral video.

Senpai Kai is a popular YouTuber who has previously trained at a Michelin-star restaurant in Chicago. He often shares foodie videos of the way food would be presented and prepared at the top Michelin-star restaurants in the world. His video of ‘How To Cut Michelin-Star Onions’ has gone viral, receiving over 4.4 million views on YouTube.

In the clip, Kai explains how Michelin star chefs would ask for their onions to be cut. First, he removes both the top and the bottom of the onion, that is, the root. Next, he removes the innermost parts of the onion so that only 2-3 layers remain. Then he cuts off the ends of these layers so that the onion can be laid flat on the chopping board. You can now chop or julienne the onions as per your requirement!

How interesting right? Kai also shared two other methods that you can try at home for everyday use, in case you want to reduce the wastage and do not want such a fine result.

Watch the full video of how to cut onions like a Michelin-star chef would here:

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