Lemon Price Rise: 5 Summer Drinks That Don’t Need Lemons At All

Summers have begun in full swing across the country. As temperatures soar, we try to beat the heat by drinking plenty of fluids and keeping our energy levels replenished. The need to stay hydrated during the hot summer months cannot be emphasized enough. Shikanji or Nimbu Pani is one such drink that is very popular among Indian households for its hydrating properties. Recently, we read about how lemon prices are soaring in Gujarat’s Rajkot. A customer told news agency ANI that lemons are being sold at a whopping Rs. 200 per kg, as compared to the usual rates of Rs. 50 to 60 per kg. This is happening due to an increase in the demand for lemons coupled with a shortage in supply.

Lemon is a popular choice in summers for its health benefits, such as hydrating the body and also helping promote digestion. It also has a tangy and sour taste that makes for a refreshing and rejuvenating drink. However, there are many other summer drinks that don’t require lemons at all. If you have been hit by the lemon price rise and are looking for some alternatives, try these summer coolers without needing the citrus fruit.

Here Are 5 Summer Drinks That Don’t Need Lemons At All:

1. Aam Panna

With the goodness of raw mango, Aam Panna is a quintessential summer drink. The tangy taste comes from the raw mango itself and thus does not require any other souring agent.

2. Bael Sharbat

How can summers be complete without bael (wood apple) sharbat? This summer cooler has been recommended since times immemorial and can be made easily at home too.

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Try this cooling Bael Sharbat for a unique experience.

3. Watermelon Smoothie

One of the most refreshing seasonal fruits, watermelons are an incredible way to stay hydrated during the summer months. This twisted smoothie is a wonderful recipe that needs no lemons at all.

4. Imli Sharbat

If you are missing the sourness of lemons, how about replacing it with Imli instead? This Imli Dhania Sharbat is one of the ideal drinks to refresh your senses and tingle your tastebuds.

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Who says only lemons can be used in summer drinks? Try this Imli ka sharbat.

5. Cucumber and Kiwi Juice

Keep your energy levels up and keep your body hydrated with this cucumber and kiwi juice. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Until the lemon price surge reduces, try these yummy summer coolers and forget you ever needed lemons at all!

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