Masaba Gupta Calls This Unique Food Combination “A Match Made In Heaven”

If you follow Masaba Gupta on social media, you would be aware of her foodie side. And her recent indulgence is proof that she also likes to experiment with her food. Masaba decided to celebrate the weekend with a unique food combination. She gorged on mathri and guacamole, an avocado-based dip or spread. Her Instagram Stories showed a flaky and crispy desi snack mathri with some guacamole spread on top of it. She wrote, “PSA – Mathri and guac are a match made in heaven.” She cheekily added, “And I am a cute, innovative pig who has no rules when it comes to snacks on a Sunday.” Take a look at her post here:


Masaba Gupta shared her Instagram story with an interesting snack pairing.

Masaba Gupta believes in changing her food choices according to the seasons. Earlier this month, Masaba treated us to a view of her first summer meal and it was amazing. Her food platter had homemade curd rice, baked papad, and a dollop of pickle. She expressed her feelings about the meal in the caption. She stated that it was the first warm day in Mumbai after an unusually cool winter. And that’s the reason she had started craving cooling and light food. Take a look at Masaba’s first summer meal of the year here.

Food plays an important role in Masaba Gupta’s life Once. She had shared a picture of wheat noodles, calling it “fuel” that keeps her going for many hours. The noodles on her plate looked sumptuous. Read more about it here.

Masaba Gupta is someone who likes to enjoy every meal happily, including breakfast. Last month, the ace designer enjoyed a delicious breakfast that included crispy paneer rolls sprinkled with sesame seeds. In the video, we could also see her cutting into a roll and the crunchy sound of the same had us drooling. She wrote, “Sound on for crunch. Paneer, pyaaz, and sesame rolls for breakfast. Deep-fried.” Click here to know more about it.

Masaba Gupta is a true foodie and we adore her for the same. What did you think about her foodie indulgences? Tell us in the comments.

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