Summer 2022 Special: How To Make Komal — A Gujarati-Style Buttermilk To Keep Us Hydrated

Can you imagine chai without some snacks by the side? We can’t! In India, the very idea of tea instantly reminds us of some greasy, decadent savouries. Samosas, pakoras, rolls, wraps and more — we get an extensive range of tea-time snacks that leave us spoilt for choices. Another popular snack option is mathri. A traditional Rajasthani food, mathri is a crispy, flaky hand-made biscuit that is salty by nature. You can also customise the flavours by adding different types of spices to them. That’s not all. Mathri is super-versatile too! You heard us. Besides being an age-old chai time snack, mathri also makes for a perfect ingredient to add in chaat, sabzi and more. Mathri is fuss-free, easy to carry and can be enjoyed anytime on the go.

Now that we have spoken a lot about mathri, how about making some at home? And to help you with that, we bring a list of a few of our favourite mathri recipes that can easily be made at home. So what are you waiting for? Keep your cooking essentials ready as we will take you through some delicious mathri recipes here. Let’s take a look.

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Here’re 5 Mathri Recipes For You:

Methi Mathri:

A classic version of mathri, it is the one you get at supermarkets near you. Methi mathri is delicious, comforting and leaves you wanting for more. Here is the classic methi mathri recipe for you. Try it today.

Achari Mathri:

The ones who enjoy all things spicy, here we have the achari mathri recipe for you. This dish includes ingredients like hing, amchoor powder, jeera, chilli flakes and more. Click here for the achari mathri recipe.

Atta Mathri:

Maida plays a major role in mathri preparation. It helps you get the desired taste and texture of the food. But what if you do not have maida at home? Fret not, even atta will do the job for you. We bring atta mathri recipe that is as crispy and flaky as the quintessential mathri you eat. Click here for the recipe.

Oats Mathri:

We also have a healthier version of mathri for the ones who like to eat healthy and clean. This healthy mathri includes oats and flaxseeds and is baked instead of deep-frying. Besides, it includes atta, ajwain, chaat masala et al. Click here for the recipe.

Potato Mathri:

Have you ever thought of making mathri with aloo? If not, then we suggest you must give this dish a try. Potato mathri, also known as aloo papdi, is prepared by deep-frying a dough prepared using aloo, maida, ajwain and more. You can top it with chopped tomato, onion, lime juice etc and enjoy an instant chaat at home. Click here for the recipe.

Try the recipes at home and let us know which one you liked the most. Happy Snacking!

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