The History Behind White Tea, And Why It Is A Great Health Companion

A slurp of scrumptiousness, a sip of pure bliss! In India, tea is not just a drink but a part of our soul; it is woven deep inside our cultural identity and knows no barriers, geographical or otherwise. We are a nation full of die hard tea fans, and if you are a member of this elite club, there is no way you haven’t chanced upon the ethereal and eponymous «White Tea».

To understand the magic of this exquisite version of tea, we need to know the fascinating story behind it. Emerging from the mystical lands of Ancient China, it is rumored White Tea was discovered by accident, when a tea leaf flew into boiling water. It is also believed that the beverage was served as a customary offering to pay tribute to the imperial ruler. From there on, this delicious drink transcended from generation to generation before being commercially adopted in the modern age.

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What makes White Tea unique is its raw and original essence, with many connoisseurs considering this to be the most natural state of tea. Tender and sublime, it offers a sugary tinge with a mild profile. Produced through minimal processing and limited oxidation, White Tea is usually segmented under the super premium and high grade category. Its making is a surreally spellbinding experience where nascent tea buds, harvested a day in advance, are allowed to open up and dried beneath the bright yellow sun.


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It’s not just a connoisseur’s delight though; White Tea has a generous set of health benefits that merit all of us to partake in its holistic healing power. Some of the healthy attributes are:

1. Immunity Booster

If legend is to go by, White Tea was used to strengthen the body’s core against a variety of illnesses. Even today, it is considered to be quite a powerful immunity enhancer that can protect us against those pesky colds and annoying chest infections.

2. Antioxidants

Antioxidants can aid in reducing the damage done to the body by oxidation. They are also known to be great memory enhancers that improve our mental focus too. Last but not least, they are known to be our metabolism’s best friend.

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3. Digestion

If stomach troubles are your pet peeve, White Tea has got your back, or should we say gut. It can help our body fight unwanted bacteria that causes harm to our tummy in more ways than one.

4. Weight Loss

If you want to shed those kilos but suffer from an intolerable sweet tooth, White Tea is what you need to get your fitness journey going. Not only is it an extremely low calorie beverage, it can also help in reducing our midnight sweet cravings.

All in all, for enthusiasts who would like to explore a rarer kind of tea, White Tea could be a great choice to indulge in ravishing luxury that fills our body with healthy goodness.

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