These 5 Everyday Foods Will Help You Stay Hydrated And Energised This Summer

The summer season is here and with it it’s time to alter our eating habits to suit the season. During winter we all have gorged on a variety of heavy, ghee-laden treats. However, the change in weather demands a switch in the choice of food as well. Now, your meals should be light, and delicious, and you need to incorporate those foods that will help you remain hydrated for long. You must drink plenty of water, of course, and have a lot of refreshing juices. There are many foods too that also serve the same purpose.

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1) Bottle gourd

Bottle gourd or lauki is very nutritious and comes with numerous health benefits. It’s easy to digest and is great for the stomach. It is also believed that bottle gourd has about 96 percent of water content. If you can’t savour the curry, maybe you can consume it in the form of a juice in the morning. You can prepare a nice juice with pineapple, bottle gourd and orange and drink up.


2) Zucchini

You don’t have to cook zucchini to consume it. It can be relished even without cooking. Many people have it in salads. It is believed that zucchini, like cucumber, is very hydrating, refreshing, light and keeps you energised. It also works wonders for your skin. Besides this, it is loaded with dietary fibres, vitamin A and C. You can prepare a nice salad with zucchini in mere 15 minutes and enjoy.


3) Lemon

We all know the importance of lemon in summer. We love to sip lemon juice every now and then to beat the heat. Lemon drinks are refreshing and are great for boosting immunity and preventing dehydration. In the summer season, make sure you have plenty of lemon juices and also add them to various foods for that extra tangy taste.

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4) Green beans

We make various curries with green beans and relish them with chapatis or rice. However, how many of you know that green beans also help in keeping you hydrated? Yes, they are nutritious, low in calories and make for an excellent source of vitamin K, manganese, fibre and vitamin C. Here’s an interesting take on green beans. If you are looking for recipes, make this sauteed green beans in a mere 30 minutes.


5) Cucumber

When we talk about everyday foods that help us stay hydrated, cucumber tops the list. It is the best well-known hydrating food we know about. It is easy to digest, keeps the skin healthy and gives the body a fresh burst of energy. During summer, have it every day with your regular meals. If you are looking for a salad option, make this delicious tomato and cucumber salad in a jiffy.

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