This Banana French Toast Gives A Decadent Twist To Your Morning Meal (Recipe Inside)

Are you also bored with the same everyday breakfast choices? Those chillas, platefuls of poha, upma, and sandwiches with a cup of chai or coffee are undoubtedly easy to make, but at times, we crave a different taste. And when that happens, we instantly start searching for what new could be made for breakfast. Well, to give you a new wholesome dish- here we bring you a delicious recipe for banana French toast that should surely be on your menu. For the unversed, French toast is a sweet delicacy made with milk, bread, eggs, maple syrup and other ingredients. Many people believe that the French invented this egg-based meal because of its name. However, according to food experts, the name of this dish is a linguistic error made by the man who popularised French toast. According to the legend, a guy named Joseph French titled it «French’s Toast» but ended up serving it as French toast!

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Some people also believe that French toast dates back to the first century CE when it was first mentioned in a Latin cookbook. But whatever the case might be, today we have many variations of French toast (both sweet and savoury). However, to keep things simple for you, we bring you the most popular French toast recipe topped with bananas! This recipe only takes about 25 minutes to cook. Find it below:


Banana French Toast Recipe: Here’s How To Make Banana French Toast

First, take a bowl and whisk eggs in it. Add cream, sugar, cinnamon powder, spice, and orange juice together and mix well. Now take pieces of bread and dip them in the egg mixture. Heat a pan and butter it up. Then drop the dipped bread on the pan and let it cook. Once that is done, take it out on a plate. Now, cut a banana and put it on top of the toast. Garnish with icing sugar, and enjoy it with a cup of black coffee!

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For the full recipe for banana French toast, click here.

Try out this delicacy today, and let us know how you liked its taste in the comments below!

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