Viral: Adorable Toddlers Having Snacks Behind Their Parents Back Will Make You Smile

If you are a parent or have been around toddlers for a while, you must be well aware of all their adorable antics and mischiefs. It could be them running around, playing with the toys, or just carefully listening to the stories you read. Just looking at all their activities bring a smile to our faces! And thank God for the people who record their kids and share their mischiefs on the internet. Recently, one such video of two cute toddlers have been going viral on the internet. This time, the parents of the kids gave them some snacks and asked them not to eat. But what happens next will surely make you go ‘aww.’

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @teensviralsxd and initially made by @sjayscheren, we can see two toddlers sitting at a table. Then their parents come and keep a handful of snacks in front of them. As they kept the snacks, they told the toddlers to wait before mom and dad came back. Till then, the toddlers were not allowed to have snacks. But as soon as the parents leave the room, the kids give the sweetest nod to each other and have the candies in front of them. Take a look at the video here:

Since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 1.5 million times and has 222K likes and hundreds of comments! Many people just can’t seem to get enough of the cuteness of these toddlers. One person wrote, «This is the sweetest thing I have seen today.» Another person wrote, «So cute.»

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Many others have also mentioned that the younger child is the troublemaker. A user said, «The Younger One is the Naughtier One. He is going to have the Elder one’s back 10000%.» Someone also said, «I’m sorry but this has convinced me that second child is ruthless.» Another person also added, «Little one nodded his head yes bruh we gonna eat it and face the trouble.»

Many people also pointed out the cute little dance they do towards the end.

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