Viral: Little Girl Cooking Like A Pro Chef Will Amaze You

The internet is full of impressive videos. It’s not only YouTube but other social media platforms where we get to discover some interesting content. And if there is one genre that people love watching worldwide, it has to be food-related videos. It could be the ASMR chopping videos, someone doing grocery shopping, or even clips of people cooking something. These things can keep us hooked for hours. And the best part is that we even enjoy watching these activities, due to which some videos go viral. Recently, one such video of a young girl making eggs and bacon has gone viral on the internet. Her cooking skills will surely leave you impressed.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @kompinikmat, we can see a young girl standing in front of a gas stove. On her side, she has a plate of bacon, meats, and eggs. Then, she breaks an egg into a pan and cooks it properly. Once that is done, she takes a piece of bacon and cooks it also. Check out the full video here:


Ever since this child’s video was uploaded, it has been viewed 13.8 million times and has 249K likes and several comments. Many people were left in amazement with her skills. One person commented, «She is handling things so gently. This is amazing.» Someone else wrote, «Cook for me, chef, that looks good!» Another user added, «Wow! She cooks better than most of the adults.» A user also added, «How cute and talented! God bless her.»

Some people were also concerned for her safety. They said, «Little children should not be allowed near the fire; it could be dangerous for them.» Another user added, «I hope some adult is watching and helping her. God bless.»

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Many other users have also commented using different emojis! And most of them were stunned by her cooking skills.

What do you think about this video and her cooking skills? Let us know in the comments below!

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