Viral: Man Surprises Sandwich Shop Owner With $500 For His Kindness, Wins The Internet

The internet is a place full of possibilities! One has everything available to them in just a click of a button. Plus, with the advent of social media, the internet has quickly become the place where everything is just waiting to be explored by you. Because of this, we even have access to things that otherwise would have been unknown to us. We can see a YouTuber from Thailand trying out authentic South Indian food and even try out celebrity special recipes! And thanks to the internet, we recently came across a man who surprised a kind sandwich shop owner with $500! Yes, you read that right! The man was so moved by his kindness that he decided to reward him with a huge sum of money.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @mdmotivator, we see the man standing at a sandwich shop. Then he asks the owner first if he can have a glass of water since he forgot to bring his wallet and won’t be able to pay. Then next, when he is served the water, he again asks the shop owner if he can get a sandwich and says he can pay him back in 30 minutes. When the owner says that he can pay back later, the man asks him why he decided to trust him; to which the owner simply replies by saying that he looks like a nice trustworthy person. Next, the man asks him what is the hardest thing about working here. The owner replies, «The rent is too high.»

After hearing that, the man surprised the shop owner with $500 and said that since he was kind to him, he would like to repay him! Watch the full video here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 3.1 million times, has 441K likes, and has received many comments full of appreciation. One person wrote, «Whenever you feel hope is fading, you see an act of kindness and know this world has so much good and hope shines brighter.» Another person wrote, «Genuine and authentic kindness takes courage.»

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Many people also said, «This makes my heart explode!» and «What an amazing man and business owner!» Some people also asked for the location of the shop so they could visit the place. A person said, «Can you please tag the restaurant as well? I would like to visit them.» Another person said, «Please tell where this restaurant is.»

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