Watch: Adorable Baby Has A Hard Time Differentiating Fruit And Vegetable; The End Will Crack You Up

If kharbooja-tarbooja, Dhaniya-pudina, jeera-ajwain makes your scratch your head in confusion, you are not alone! Millions of us mistake these ingredients in the first glance, even after years of consuming them. However, a hilarious video that has surfaced on Instagram shows a baby who isn’t just confused about the names, but is confident that cantaloupe (Kharbooja) is actually a vegetable and not a fruit. The toddler is adamant about it being a vegetable and even argues with her uncle about it. After multiple tries, her uncle finally wins the argument when the baby is reminded that she is a child and she may be wrong. The hilarious video has garnered over 2.1 million views with 147k likes, and 1000+ comments. Take a look at the video:

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Many of you might recognise the baby-uncle duo from the many viral videos that they are a part of. Chris Rooney and his two-year-old niece Marleigh, otherwise known as ‘the yeet baby’, had become internet stars after he documented her progress of life skills on social media, gaining millions of followers worldwide. The duo is back at it and is entertaining us with Marleigh’s confusion about kharbooja.

The viewers thoroughly enjoyed the video and were especially left in splits by the fact that the baby quickly surrenders as soon as she remembers that she is just a baby.

Some of the funniest comments left on the video were:

«If I was the cantaloupe, I’d doubt myself too. That’s the confidence she exudes!»

«Her comedic timing is impeccable!»

«Omg the camera falling is hilarious. Mar you are the best»

«»But, you’re just a baby»… Man, truth bites! Mar realised that no amount of slamming the cantaloupe is gonna work!»

«Her skills need to be honed and directed towards being a lawyer or politician one day. Not only does she make a good argument, but she sticks with her beliefs with vigour and cuteness… she also concedes when necessary. Go Marleigh!»

«It’s time to eat, she didn’t want to argue anymore»

«The ending part is soooooooooo cute when she surrenders»

«She slammed that so hard she knocked over the phone!! Made me crack up!!!»

Some viewers tried guessing the kid’s thoughts and made up conversations: «But you are just a baby», «Oh yeah I am a baby».

«It’s a vegetable». «No you’re a baby». «Well that’s an excellent argument, I am afraid I have to concede. You win. It’s a fruit.»

Adorable, isn’t it?

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