Watch: Funny Video Shows Indians And Their Obsession With Indian Food In Foreign Countries

It is no secret that we Indians love food! Food, for us, is a celebration of our existence. From the rich and robust curries to the list of tantalising spicy and savoury snacks, India boasts of many gastronomic gems which are downright irresistible! From chaat to biryani to dimer Kalia to Undhiyu, the flavours spread over the 28 states and 8 union territories are extraordinary, to say the least. Although we are open to trying new flavours and cuisines, we find ourselves coming back to the classic Indian delicacies each time we want to indulge to our heart’s content. In fact, many of us Indians won’t give up on Indian delicacies even when we are in foreign countries.

Viraj Ghelani, is an actor and stand-up comedian who is known for his spot-on skits about Indian families. His most recent video has especially tugged at the heartstrings of desi foodies and Indians living outside of the country. In a hilarious way, Viraj shows that Indians cannot help but obsess over Indian food even when they are out of the country. Viraj can be seen dramatically led towards an Indian restaurant in Spain and orders for the quintessential samosa once he is there. The video has garnered over 795k view, 118k likes and 507 comments. Take a look at the video:

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Desi food lovers all over the globe cannot help but relate with this hilarious video. Some of the comments left on the video are:

«This isn’t something I do, but it’s hugely relatable and hilarious»

«No doubt in that…Indian Khane jaisa kuch nahi hein» (There is nothing like Indian food)

«Lol sahi baat h…kitna bread khaneka phir? Nothing like Indian food» (This is absolutely true; how can one survive on bread forever)

«So true! I always look for Indian food when abroad.»

«Same feeling , I miss Indian spicy street food»

«Vegetarians ka foreign ghumna matlab aadha time Indian hotel dhundhne me hi nikalta hai» (Vegetarians waste half of the time finding Indian restaurants on foreign vacations)

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What are your thoughts on the video? Are you also the kind who looks for Indian food everywhere you go? Let us know in the comments below.

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