Watch: How To Make Rajasthani Badam Shake (Recipe Inside)

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to indulge in everything cool and comforting. With the increase in temperature, our cravings for cold beverages are on an all-time high. Lassi has taken over cold coffee and soup is replaced with cooler and sherbet. Besides, we are also making every necessary change in our diet to make it season-friendly. One such major change is increasing fluid intake. Summer calls for dehydration; this is why drinking enough water and other beverages get yet more important. It not only helps maintain body’s water balance, but also keeps you hydrated and detoxed. Considering this, we bring a super easy drink recipe that is both tasty and super refreshing. It is the special badam shake from the streets of Rajasthan.

Made with milk, almond, pistachio, saffron and more, badam shake is a popular drink, available on the streets of Rajasthan during the summers. We bring the classic badam shake recipe that can easily be replicated at home. This recipe has been shared by food vlogger Parul on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. Let’s take a look.

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How To Make Rajasthani Badam Shake:

To make this drink, we need milk, almonds, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio, saffron, cardamom powder, custard powder and sugar.

  • Place a heavy-based pan on flame and add one-litre of milk to it. Boil milk on medium flame until it is reduced to 80 percent.
  • While milk is boiling, keep the 1/4 cup of milk aside from boiling milk.
  • Take soaked almonds, add some milk and make a coarse paste.
  • After the milk starts to boil, turn the flame on a low medium, keep stirring continuously, and scrape the side milk and mix it into milk.
  • Add one pinch of saffron strands, 1/2 tsp of cardamom powder, and mix well.
  • Take 1/4 cup of milk and add 1.5 tsp of custard powder to it and mix well. Now, slowly add custard powder, mix into boiling milk and mix well.
  • Add 4 tbsp of sugar and melt the sugar well. After sugar melts well, add the almond paste to it, mix well, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Now add some chopped dry fruits and mix well. After it starts coating on the spatula, turn off the flame and transfer it into a bowl and let it cool.
  • Bring it to room temperature, keep it in the fridge for 3 hours and cool completely.

And the badam milkshake is ready to be relished. Try it today!

Watch the complete badam shake recipe here:

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