Watch: Man Tries Hairstyles With Different Food Items; The Videos Will Leave You In Splits

By now we have seen several bizarre videos on the internet that either amuse us or make us wonder «Why?» Whatever your reaction may be, one thing is for certain this kind of content keeps us entertained on any boring day. Our usual scrolling routine brought us to another set of strange videos by a bald man who is trying out new hairstyles with wigs made of food items! Now we don’t know why he is doing this but it’s sure a lot of fun to watch our favourite foods coming alive as some quirky hairdos.  

This man goes by the name of ‘BMR Twins’ on Instagram and posts hilarious content online for his followers. His recent obsession with ‘food hairstyles’ is evident in his last few videos which are quite entertaining. In one video, he adorns long wavy tresses made up of boiled noodles. He captioned the video — «What’s the best Ramen noodle flavour?» In his next video, he is seen sporting a trendy Korean-style cut with Cheetos puffs. He asks the viewers, «Hot Cheetos or regular? Name this cut.» 

Take a look: 

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In another video, he switched to curls with onion rings. He captions it with: «Doritos or Onion rings? Which one is better? What should we do next?»  

Take a look: 

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He can also be seen making his barber create hairstyles with buns, pork, beans, Twizzlers and more, and asks his followers to name the cuts. He even posted a rate card of these whacky hairstyles with titles like Popeyes, Chick-Fill-A, Cheese Curls etc.  

These videos have left some people scratching their heads, and others laughing out loud. Some left funny comments like, «You make all these snacks look sweeter though», «Ok now y’all don’t start this first Cheetos now Twizzlers I am calling the FBI» and «I know the ants be having a field day on his head». 
Someone also asked the man, «How much would you pay for this cut?» 

And meanwhile, some foodies were exasperated on seeing their favourite foods go to waste. «Not the pork and beans,» one follower said. Another said, «Wasted a good bad of Funyuns.» 

What do you think of these food hairstyles? Let us know in the comments below.  

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