Watch: Padma Lakshmi Shares Kid-Friendly Recipe Of Quick Tomato Sauce And We Are Drooling

From being a television host, model, author and activist, Padma Lakshmi can not only do it all but also makes it look easy! While carrying out multiple roles, she always manages to take out time for her passion — food. The American-Indian celebrity loves to spend her free time cooking up a storm in the kitchen. With over 1.3 million followers, she often shares her cooking adventures on Instagram. We can often spot her disclosing her personal opinions on food, sharing recipe videos and giving glimpses of her foodie moments.

If you have been following Padma Lakshmi for a while, then you would have noticed that Padma Lakshmi loves to bond with her daughter in the kitchen. In her videos, we can always find her daughter assisting in recipes and taste testing all the dishes. Padma Lakshmi uses food to spend quality time with her daughter and encourages her to learn cooking too. In an attempt to help her followers create the same habits with their children, Padma Lakshmi decided to share an easy recipe video that foodies can make with the help of their kids. With this kid-friendly recipe, you can make tomato sauce at home, just like Padma Lakshmi does! The recipe is from Padma Lakshmi’s children’s book Tomatoes For Neela.

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Tomato Sauce Recipe: How To Make Padma Lakshmi’s Tomato Sauce:

To make this easy tomato sauce, start by blanching tomatoes. Remove the peels of the blanched tomatoes and keep this aside. In a saucepan, add a generous amount of olive oil. Fry the slices of garlic cloves in the oil. Pour in the mushy tomatoes. Season it with bay leaves, salt, black pepper and chilli flakes. Let the tomatoes cook in the saucepan till the sauce is ready!

Watch the recipe video of Padma Lakshmi’s Tomato Sauce below:

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