Watch: Woman Selling Homemade Food For As Low As ₹30 Wins The Internet

The internet is full of inspirational stories. It could be about any person trying to make their ends meet with whatever little they have, someone doing humanitarian deeds or even a person acknowledging someone’s hard work and rewarding them. There is no dearth of such content. And it goes without saying that these kinds of tales often move our hearts and inspire us to do our best! As we keep coming across these stories on social media, recently, one such video has caught our attention. This time, we can see a street vendor who prepares around 20 dishes a day and sells them at a low cost so everyone can afford a meal! Ever since her story was shared on social media, people have been praising her efforts.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram blogger @spoonsofmumbai, we see a woman on her food cart. She has different containers full of food. You can see containers full of rice, dal, kadhi, sabzi, roti, biryani, something that seems to be a meat dish, and lassi. The lady even writes down the menu on a whiteboard so her customers can order accordingly. As per @spoonsofmumbai, the name of the lady is Sheetal. She prepares 20 dishes every day, and the menu is different each day. Her meals cost as low as INR 30. You can find the lady at Jai Ambe Snacks corner, opposite Shiv Sagar, Vile Parle West, Mumbai. Take a look at the video here:

Since this video was shared, it has been viewed 448K times, has 29.8K likes, and has several comments! Many people have appreciated her work. One person wrote, “Just 30 rupees and so many dishes. More than that look at the quantity didi shares.” Another person said, “This food over any multimillion making food companies! Home-made food just hits different.” Many people also said, “Looks very nice, yummy and tasty” and “The food looks yummy”.

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Some people who have eaten from the place also wrote their comments. A user said, “The food is really tasty. I have been their twice, and didi serves you just like your didi.”

Have you also eaten from this place? Let us know in the comments below!

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