West Bengal Man Sells Momos On Cycle; Internet Is Impressed By His Genius

A person’s passion can help them defeat the odds. Thanks to the internet, we keep seeing such stories that motivate us to pursue our hopes and dreams. We have found another such story that is bound to put a smile on your face. The story of a man’s hard work was recently shared on the internet by food blogger @foodyvishal on YouTube which has been moving people! This West Bengal man decided to sell momos in the evening in Faridabad but he couldn’t find space in the local market due to high competition. Thanks to his creative thinking, the man thought of selling momos on his cycle!

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While we have seen people sell street foods like bhel, gol gappe on cycles, we haven’t heard of anyone selling momos on cycle! The man’s makeshift cycle-momo shop is a compact and functional system. As he can’t have a stove on his cycle, he carries the steamed hot momos within the steamer, and the steamer is in a bucket with the label «Garam Momos» (hot momos). The label allows people to know that is a momo seller.

The man carries all the needed paraphernalia on the handles of his cycle. On one side hangs a milk can filled with the signature red momo chutney along with a jar of mayonnaise, and on the other side, he hangs a bag filled with disposable plates to serve the momos in. But that’s not all, he even carries dust bin bags for people to dispose the plates so that his mobile business doesn’t litter the streets. This man has thought of everything!

The video has 270k views and 17k likes. Here’s what people wrote about his momo cycle:

«I feel emotional (sic) for this man . I am amazed how he is managing the momo cart in the cycle. God bless this man»

«God bless this hardworking man selling momos, may God bless this hardworking man selling momos with all the happiness and love»

«Very inspirational. Truly hard working. Bit emotional too. Keep going strong brother.»

«Support this guy! He deserves it!»

«God bless this man. He is very hardworking!»

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