Reporter Accuses Joe Biden Of Lying About Coverage Of His Granddaughter’s Wedding

According to the Daily Mail, Ashley Parker’s accusation that President Joe Biden had lied about his granddaughter Naomi Biden’s wedding being a private event caused a Twitter firestorm and reignited discussions about journalists’ tendency to use «bothsidesism» when covering politics. Pertinently, Vogue did a photo shoot with Naomi and her doting grandmother Jill Biden a few days before the wedding. After they published the photos, Parker claimed the Biden administration had misled reporters, even comparing it to the numerous lies told by the Trump administration. 

However, per Insider, Press Secretary Karine Jeanne-Pierre clarified that Vogue didn’t have access to the wedding and purposely kept the photos under wraps until afterward. In an op-ed for Jezebel, Kady Ruth Ashcraft wrote: «The journalist is getting ratio’d pretty hard on Twitter Tuesday for her egregious ‘both sides’ comparison of the Biden administration’s misrepresentation (if it even was that?) of wedding press access to the Trump administration’s 30,000+ actually consequential lies.»

She added that comparing «Trump’s rabid lies» to Naomi’s preference to keep the press out of her wedding «feels fully irresponsible.» Elsewhere, pundit Fred Wellman tweeted: «Lying about a pandemic, immigration system destruction, seeking to have the DOJ investigate your political enemies, covering up corruption in your own family, and your foreign entanglements vs. your granddaughter’s wedding! Totally the same!» As another user succinctly noted: «One president tried to overthrow the government, and one didn’t invite you to his granddaughter’s wedding.» 

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