Royal Insider Speaks Out About What Queen Consort Camilla Is Really Like Behind Closed Doors

We are likely to learn a lot about Camilla Parker Bowles in the new biography, «Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Queen Consort,» written by Angela Levin. In the buzzworthy and timely tome, friends and confidantes of the queen consort’s open up about the royal, and overwhelmingly note that Camilla is the same person they have always known (via Express).

Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth for one, claims that the senior royal values family above all else. He also confided, «She never complains in public and is very self-contained.»

Meanwhile, Amanda MacManus, an aide to the queen consort for 20 years, seconded Brandreth’s opinion of Camilla, noting, «One of the nice things is that her position hasn’t gone to her head.»

Interestingly, yet another voice joined the conversation in support of the notion that the queen consort isn’t putting on any airs, even as she puts up with heirs. Friend Lucia Santa Cruz shared with Levin for her book that the former Duchess of Cornwall hasn’t changed since becoming the matriarch of the royal family, no matter how unlikely that ascension may have once seemed (via The Independent).

But does everyone agree with these flattering accounts of Camilla?

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