Ryan Kwanten On Why His Section 8 Character Isn’t A Typical Action Hero — Exclusive

Ryan Kwanten said he had «a hell of a lot of fun» shooting the action sequences for «Section 8.» In a way, they reminded him of the games he played growing up. «I was a young boy that grew up playing all sorts of games outside with my brothers and every kid in my local park. You’d come up with all sorts of crazy things,» Kwanten said. «Now we’ve got the finances behind us to make a lot of those dreams become a reality.»

But within that fun, it was important to everyone creating the film to make sure they were being thoughtful about how the more violent scenes were portrayed. Kwanten said, when looking for inspiration for the role, he wanted to play a Bruce Willis-in-«Die Hard» type of action hero. He didn’t want his character to feel unrealistic or the action scenes to be more about «brawn than brain.» He and the director, Christian Sesma, also wanted to ensure that his character, Jake Atherton, felt real and multi-dimensional. It was important to them «to add various elements of emotionality to this and to give enough reason for the action and potential violence that took place because of it,» Kwanten said.

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