Sisi Stringer Explains What Sets The Vampire Academy Show Apart From The Film — Exclusive

Lissa may be the last known member of the royal Dragomir line, but she’s also somewhat of an outcast. On whether we can expect to see Lissa struggle with mental health throughout the show and why that’s such an important subject to tackle in media, Daniela Nieves said, «Wow. Actually, you do see more of her mental health. We use fantasy, and there’s a literal reason why she’s having mental health issues. But [they’re] small ways to tackle important issues that really do happen.» Fans of the book know that Lissa’s mental health struggles are tied to her elemental Spirit magic — but that’s not much different from real-life mental illness, which is often caused by chemical imbalances that people have no control over.

Mental illness was demonized in media for so long that it’s refreshing to see it openly discussed. Nieves added, «It’s definitely important to see that in media. Representation is important in any aspect — whether that’s race or mental illness, [which] is a huge part of pretty much everyone’s life [that] everyone struggles with. Seeing people in the media struggling with things that you’re struggling with as well is super important to have.»

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