Soap Vet Charles Shaughnessy Shares Heartwarming And Happy Family News

«General Hospital» actor Charles Shaughnessy posted some great news on Twitter, «Time out from politics, acting, climate concern, inflation and other depressing stuff. Pure joy arrived in the form of our first Grandchild. I want to respect his own and his parents’ ( my daughter’s) privacy, so no pic, but I am overflowing with love right now.» The outpouring of congratulatory responses was overwhelming. «GH» co-star Wally Kurth wrote, «Congratulations Charlie!» Even the site Soap Hub, the podcast «Pier 54 – A General Hospital Fan Podcast,» and The Nanny Daily Images posted their congratulations.

One fan responded with, «Awww Congratulations to you and your family! The first grandchild- awe inspiring, future hope built on generations, a love like no other Enjoy!» Another viewer summed up several responses saying, «Best job in the world being a grandparent!» A fan who clearly has inside information posted, «Congratulations on the birth of your first Grandchild!! Remember, being a grandparent is the only job that isn’t overrated!!» One fan jovially wrote, «Congratulations! This is best news I’ve heard all week. Have fun changing nappies.»

Paying homage to his role as Maxwell Sheffield on the TV series «The Nanny,» one fan posted, «Congratulations Mr. Sheffield on your first grandchild the years go by fast.»

And one highly complimentary reply stated, «Congratulations sir. But you look way too young for the role of a grandpa!»

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