Tesla Cybertruck prototype leaked, reveals polarizing interior design. Here’s what it looks like..

The interior of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck prototype has been leaked in a recent image, and it is clear that it may not appeal to everyone. Even though production is set to begin in a few months, Tesla is maintaining strict confidentiality regarding any further details about the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

A recently leaked photograph, believed to depict the same prototype showcased at the event, showcases a significant aspect of the Cybertruck’s interior (via the Cybertruck Owners Club forum). The image provides a clear view from the driver’s perspective and offers the most detailed glimpse of the Cybertruck’s steering wheel thus far.

The design of the steering wheel appears to be a combination of the yoke-style and traditional round steering wheels found in the latest versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X. It deviates from the current Tesla steering wheel designs, lacking stalks, and incorporating force touch buttons.

Additionally, the image reveals the significant depth of the dashboard in the Cybertruck, which aligns with expectations considering the shape of its cabin. Additionally, the photo indicates that the center console no longer appears to have the capability to transform into a center seat.

The photo displays a center console in a more conventional design, featuring space between it and the dashboard, resembling the original Model S. If there are any other intriguing aspects about the interior of the Cybertruck in this image, we encourage you to share them in the comments section below.

Tesla plans to commence production of the Cybertruck during the summer with deliveries scheduled for the end of the third quarter. However, mass production is anticipated to take place in the following year. Tesla has stated that it will only disclose further information about the Cybertruck during the delivery event, keeping additional details under wraps until then.

Meanwhile, Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Tuesday the automaker would probably pick a location for a new factory by the end of this year.

When the Wall Street Journal’s Thorold Barker asked Musk at an event if India was interesting , he said, «Absolutely».

Tesla is «serious» about its plans to establish a manufacturing base in India, the country’s deputy minister for technology told Reuters in an interview last week.






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